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Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Flavor is Back!

With fall comes cooler weather (maybe for us in California.. Maybe) Thanksgiving, Halloween, and most of all pumpkin flavored everything. 

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Yeah like that. 

With a pumpkin flavored Spam about to hit the market, I feel anything is possible at this time. I mean come on. In 2018 alone pumpkin spice flavored products went up a staggering 15.5%. So only its natural that one of our beloved coffee and donut shops is getting in on this. Dunkin Donuts. Ah yes, they are tapping into this hard and they are coming for us all. Perhaps their drink will give the PSL from Starbucks a run for their money. Sure the market may seem like PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING in the hopes we will buy into it. But hey, worse things have happened. 

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“To help satisfy seasonal cravings, Dunkin’ is offering one of the largest varieties of pumpkin choices of any national restaurant chain.” a representative from Dunkin has told Delish. Your favorites are back and more mightier than ever! Such as pumpkin flavored iced, hot, frozen, coffee, espresso, hot chocolate, even the K-cups are back. And why not pair your drink with the perfect side. May I recommend the pumpkin donut or muffin? I think I will go with the muffin. Although that apple cider donut, that does sound mighty tempting. 

To wrap this all up, Dunkin has announced a Pumpkin Pop-up event!

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