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Netflix Vows to Cut Back on Depictions of Smoking

Smoking on television is nothing new. In the 50’s when it became popular to own a set you saw a smoker on nearly every show. With the times changing and awareness about the long term effects of smoking now out in the open, it makes sense that broadcasters change their stance on allowing them on screen. Netflix has now acknowledged a study put out by Truth Initiative and have vowed to change their format going forward.

The study says, “that smoking is harmful and when portrayed positively on screen can adversely influence young people”. Netflix’s new plan is to keep all programming TV-14 and under cigarette and e-cig free. Unless of course the lack of tobacco use hinders the “artist’s vision” or is “historically accurate.”

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This gives them quite a bit of wiggle room to pretty much continue doing whatever they want. It is good however that the company has issued a statement that, like your ex that’s bad for you, they’re trying.

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Netflix also said that going forward they will allow users to make informed choices on what they are watching. They are going to do this by providing information on smoking on part of its age appropriate ratings.

What do you think of this promise? Do you think we will see less smoking on streaming networks in the future?

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