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‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ Toning Down Violence Because of Disney

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order promises to be an exciting addition to the Star Wars franchise. The title will star protagonist Cal Kestis as he travels across the galaxy with his faithful droid companion BD-1. Despite wielding a powerful laser sword that can cut through almost anything though, Cal will not be dismembering anyone. Respawn Entertainment has officially confirmed there will be no human dismemberment in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order due to strict Disney rules.

No one will be losing limbs here

In an interview with IGN, Drewry Carvin, story artist for Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 discussed some of Disney’s strict guidelines for the franchise. “One of the rules we were given was to always hide the cut in case of decapitation. And never show blood. The burn of the lightsaber is supposed to cauterize it instantly.” These same rules apply to Respawn Entertainment’s highly-anticipated game title. However, other enemy types such as giant spiders and robots will be able to be dismembered. Disney’s policy only restricts extreme violence shown to human characters.

In a galaxy far from Disney
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These restrictions will bring an interesting dynamic to the newest Star Wars gaming title. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order promises a darker tone reminiscent of Rogue One. It will be interesting to see how the company tries to balance limited violence with a dark story. For some fans, these restrictions may be a welcoming way of keeping Star Wars titles family friendly. For fans hoping for a mature take on the series though, these restrictions are discouraging and unrealistic.

Either way, fans can discover for themselves if Disney’s restrictions help or hurt the newest title when the game launches on November 15.

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