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Tamagotchi is Back and In Color!

As someone who owned the Tamagotchi at launch I am excited to tell you that it is back and in color! Bandai is calling the new digi pet Tamagotchi On and it will come with a pretty glittery front and a color screen. It will have all of the original features like the game and the happiness meter but will also include some new features that are pretty exciting.

While caring for your Tamagotchi you will now be able to hatch, care and breed them. That’s right! You can connect them to eachother and have playdates and babies with one another. You can marry your Tamagotchi! That is adorable! If that isn’t incentive to keep your pet alive I don’t know what is. The new model will also come in four colors including Magic Green, Magic Purple, Fairy Pink and Fairy Blue. I don’t know if that is any clue as to what type of pet you get or if is completely random but it very well could be a hint at what creature you hatch.

Long gone are the days when I threw my Tamagotchi in my mothers purse because of the ban at school. That was 23 years ago at this point and I was…. Ahemm years old. Ok Ok I was 10. Anyway apparently there was a mute function on the original I never quite figured out but in any case I couldn’t have it going off during school so in my mom’s purse it went. I was one of the lucky ones as my Nana rest her soul stood in an hours long line to get my brother and I one at launch.

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I have to say that I am very excited for Tamagotchi On because not only am I an adult and can just buy it for myself this time, I also have a kid who I’m sure will eat this up.

Tamagotchi On is priced at $59.99 and will come out July 28th. Just in time for summer play for kids and kids at heart everywhere!

Are you excited about the new Tamagotchi On? Did you have an original? Tell us in the comments!

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