Apparently, shrimp know how to party.

A study in the U.K. found amounts of cocaine and illegal pesticides in fresh water shrimp.

The study was out to find the exposure of wildlife, including fresh water shrimp to different types of man made micropollutants. Unexpectedly, they found more than they wanted…including traces of cocaine. The study the freshwater shrimp Gammarus pulex.

Shrimp: Gammarus Pulex

The study’s lead, Dr. Thomas Miller said in a statement “Although concentrations were low, we were able to identify compounds that might be of concern to the environment and crucially, which might pose a risk to wildlife,”

He continued: “As part of our ongoing work, we found that the most frequently detected compounds were illicit drugs, including cocaine and ketamine and a banned pesticide, fenuron. Although for many of these, the potential for any effect is likely to be low.”

Another fun fact, A large percentage of U.S. currency bears traces of cocaine because large amounts of physical currency passes through the hands of drug users and dealers.