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Wally West : Sanctuary Killer

Heroes In Crisis #8

Now I haven’t always agreed with the choices made in this series, and I have been continuously conflicted. While the art, regardless of artists, has been consistently great – with the writing being great in concept yet lacking in execution. Issue 8 is the second to last issue in this series and It’s worrying.  

While in previous issues, there were usually two stories to follow, either following a perspective of a Sanctuary patient or an investigator .In this issue we learn about the motivations and actions of the real killer, Wally West the Flash.   

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First page, we open to Wally’s confession. He discusses about his pain, and how alone he felt, which caused him to reach out to the other patients of Sanctuary.    

Finding out who they were and why they were there really broke wally, and when he set off an alarm, he lost control of the speed force and killed them all.    

He then explains how Harley and Booster are just a distraction for the other heroes, as he needs the time( 5 days) before he kills himself. In that time , he will “ finally tell the truth”.    

The structure of the story is sound, the writing is fine but the characterization of the heroes and the prop mental health is used the story leave a bitter taste in my mind. If you want your heroes to be happy and healthy, or if you want them to really work on their issues and gracefully discuss their own trauma : This series is not for you.       

While you can use the trauma of a character to explore their relationship to the world around them, this series uses it as a prop to build up the drama surrounding its murder mystery. While the idea of exploring a hero’s psyche should’ve been the best aspect of this story, it’s really just used as a depressing backdrop for another story screwing wally west over. Pushing the idea that your pain is all on you and that it hurts everyone around you. And that’s just disappointing .


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