Marvel’s Endgame has done it again. Earning $60 million dollars in its Thursday night previews, Endgame has taken the top spot for Thursday previews away from Star Wars: The Force Awakens record of $57 million in 2015.

Since the Thursday preview could count toward its opening day figures, it is highly likely that come Saturday morning Endgame will have also unseated The Force Awakens ($119.1 million) for highest opening day total. That would put it well on its way to take the top spot for opening weekend (current record holder Infinity War at $257.7 million). Worldwide predictions for Endgame go as high as $800-$900 million for opening weekend, with a distant chance to make $1 billion. If it doesn’t reach that lofty figure opening weekend, it still seems that the movie has a good chance to beat the fastest time to $1 billion and $1.5 billion as it no doubt heads on to join the over $2 billion club. The question is, can it defeat current champion Avatar ($2.7 billion) for the highest grossing movie of all time?

Records set by Endgame so far include:

  • Most viewed trailer in 24 hours. It actually holds the 1st and 2nd spots for two different trailers: 289 million for the December and 268 million for the March trailers
  • Most advance ticket sales in 24 hours (it beat the previous record holder in just 6 hours)
  • Highest midnight box office and opening day box office in China
  • Highest advance ticket sales in China
  • Biggest single-day opening in multiple countries, including the UK, Brazil, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Trinidad, Uruguay, Portugal, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Serbia (non-local), Slovakia, Turkey, and Ukraine
  • IMAX opening day records in 38 countries for a worldwide IMAX total of $33 million

And all of this with the longest MCU runtime.

Records still to beat:

  • Opening day: Star Wars: The Force Awakens $119 million
  • Opening weekend: Avengers: Infinity War $640.5 million worldwide, $257.7 million domestic


  • Fastest to $500 million: Fate of the Furious in 3 days
  • Fastest to $1 billion: Infinity War in 11 days
  • Fastest to $1.5 billion: Infinity War in 18 days
  • Fastest to $2 billion (currently only 4 films have passed this): Avatar in 47 days
  • Fastest to $2.5 billion: (currently only Avatar has achieved this): 76 days
  • Highest grossing film: Avatar $2.7 billion


    • Indeed. Going into Endgame we didn’t know if all of our heroes would survive. But we did know that it was probably the last time we would see them all together. Parts of the team might have roles in forthcoming movies or Disney+ TV shows, but this was the swan song for the group as a whole. I am glad that they took the time to give us a little bit of spotlight on each character and some interactions between the members of the Avengers

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