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Check out this Epic Pop-Up Book of Westeros

Game of Thones eighth and final season is among us! As I type this I am eagerly awaiting the first episode to air on HBO tonight. Scouring the internet for Game of Thrones merch, window shopping and killing time. Then I came across this pop up book of Westeros and I thought that the world needed to see it.

With this book you can put on shitty flute and navigate your way through the world, visiting places in 3D and reading about the lore. Here listen to the video while I tell you about it.

The book measures about 9 inches by 11 and has all the makings of an epic adventure. It would be the perfect introduction to get kids interested in the world without actually showing them the show, because it is definitely not for kids. Speaking of, how do I get my kid to go to bed early tonight?

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You can order it on Amazon for around $50 and it is totally worth it. Even just as a coffee table book. And why not pair it with this Pop up Book of Hogwarts?

What do you think of this? Tell us in the comments what type of things you like to collect!

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