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Show Mutant Pride with XIX Casual Cosplay

Cosplay can be a joyful experience that can easily become a cumbersome one. So the idea of casual cosplay, integrating the on-the-go outfit with the flare and style of a particular fandom- is a fantastic way of being comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

Online Creator / influencer Comicbookgirl19 ( Danika Lee Massey) and her team have worked with Label by Zilingo to create a Casual cosplay clothing line inspired and influenced by Marvel Comics properties.

As explained on her latest video on her youtube channel

“From the convention floor to the grocery store; and everywhere in between,  you can wear my clothes to rep some of your favorite superheros while also being comfortable and casual.”

She describes this new line as an experiment, one which features: a cotton zip polo named “Claws Polo”

an “Ace Of Hearts”  two piece tracksuit

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and a “Optic Pull-Over” which is a pullover with a neck zipline that comes with a free pair of sunglasses with AC lenses.

The collection showcases muted colours, fixed with symmetrical accents with a classic marvel inspired design. Overall, the colour and pattern scheme of the outfits are simple enough to be recognized as being taken from the Marvel Universe ( the X-Men) .

The delineation here is wonderfully contrasting : cool enough to reference comic lore but ambiguous enough to blend in. The unisex pieces are made with a mix of cotton, polyester and spandex, threaded together with a casual fit for sizes XS to XL.

CBG19 and her team have worked online for several years now, producing hundreds of videos , merchandise and projects. Label by Zilingo is and Silicon Valley-backed startup that works with social media influencers on producing clothing lines.

You can check the line out at , and contact Zilingo through their site :

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