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Catch ‘Em All With The New Pokemon Sun & Moon DVDs!

Growing up with the original 150 Pokemon I have to admit I was stuck in my ways. Playing the Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee that recently came out introduced me to Alolan Vulpix. Alolan Vulpix is a white version of the classic red character and uses Ice Powers. The reason I talk about this now is because do you know who is featured in Sun & Moon? Snowy the Alolan Vulpix!

The episodes included on these discs are so much fun. Ash is in the Alolan region and has made new friends and found new Pokemon. He has also recieved a new power where he can link up with Pikachu! Also featured in this story line are Mimikyu, Rowlet, Litten, Rockruff and Poplio!

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There are 43 Episodes in this set so that averages to 7 episodes per disc. The Menu is cute and easy to navigate. For instance my daughter wanted to watch the episode with Mareanie so I googled what episode she first appeared in which was episode 12, popped in disc 2 and Presto!

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The quality is great for a DVD. I have the show on next to me and honestly when I started this write up I mistakenly wrote Bluray set. It’s clear crisp and looks great. I have to compare it with another DVD I bought recently, the Pokemon Adventures in the Orange Islands set. When you set these two together the quality for Sun and Moon just shines through. Orange Islands looks old, and to be fair it did come out in 1997.

Get your copy from RightStuf here.

Do you still follow Pokemon? Which Season is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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