Are you ready for the playoffs? Do you have a mug that is football watching compatible? Well worry not because we just found you the most TV friendly mug around!

It’s called the TV Beer Mug and it is my new favorite thing you can buy on the internet. For about $20 you can own one of these beauties off Amazon. A great gift for anyone who likes to tune out and just fixate on the TV. It’s also great for reading subtitles when your kids are too loud for you to hear what’s going on.

This mug is by far a more sophisticated approach to the Beer helmet that gained popularity in the 80’s. Never again be reduced to a silly looking apparatus when you can just have one of these classy mugs around. The only thing you need to look out for with this mug is drinking with your left hand. Unless you can find one sold at the Leftorium.

What do you think? Genius or just plain stupid? Tell us in the comments!

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