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Enter Into The Spider-Verse with Christmas Spirit!

Enter The Spider-Verse
Hello Spider-Verse, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is at it again! And he’s made a Christmas Album. Yes, I am telling you the truth I swear! Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse is full of many different and hilarious gags that we can’t get enough of! Like for an example; one of the best is the experienced Peter Parker that we meet in the beginning of the film is used to the whole super-hero thing that got him his own comic books. In this world he’s used to fame with his own breakfast cereal and his very own Christmas Album!

The Music

The gag continues during the credits where we get to hear the actor Chris Pine sing us Spidey-Bells! Yes, really, he is the voice of Peter Parker of Earth-1610! Pine regales us with his role on the album. He really shows us with holiday anthem existential crisis that is: Spidey-Bells (A Hero’s Regret.) It’s incredible to witness, and now its just in time for Christmas! Sony has made A Very Spidey Christmas a real thing that you can listen to right now.

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The full mini album which includes holiday tracks from Chris Pine, Shameka Moore along with Jake Johnson reprising songs from the film. Listen to Pine’s rendition of Spidey-Bells and Johnson’s old man Peter Parker’s take on Deck the Halls.

Isn’t this great! Now all we need is for Sony to make Spidey-O real cereal as well.

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