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Ankle Scarfs Are the Next Big Thing

Don’t throw those knitted treasures away from your Granny this Christmas! Why not wrap them neatly around your ankle for a weather appropriate ankle warmer?

Originally brought to our attention by the publication Lercio, who mention an enthusiastic ankle scarf wearer. Now the website was in Italian so here’s the direct translation: “Long pants bring them only grandmothers and grandparents, uncle!”, said Fabry Brambilla, who is a well known DJ from  his own bedroom and a Little Tony Record Collector. “But after twice I had chilblains my doctor warned me that I could lose my ankles, risking not being able to go to Starbucks to feet. Fortunately, the fashion of the ankle scarves has exploded, so I can keep them warm and at the same time be fashionable “. What I think the article is saying is that hipsters are ready for this trend as bare ankles need warmth. “But you know, socks exist” you might be saying to yourself. But that would make you rational and sane which is the total opposite of where this country is headed.

It seems the American media has begun to catch on to this trend, the next article that we found was from Delish, who would never lie to us. Ever. Here they explain that there are no special scarves for this trend, instead you have to buy children’s scarves like these.

That’s over $10 per ankle!
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So now the big question is whether or not the people of Los Angeles, the hipsters of the future and the trend setting cool will adopt this practice of shoes + ankle scarf + capri pants. All in all it sounds like a match made in heaven.

Am I doing it right?

What do you think about this new possible trend? Tell us in the comments!

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