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Nerd Play Girls Review Nerdy Makeup From Espionage!

Nerdbot would like to thank Espionage Cosmetics for providing us with their beautiful products to test out and review!


Nerdy Makeup. Say it with me again, ladies and gentlemen.

Nerdy. Makeup.

As described in their website, Espionage Cosmetics is a nerdy makeup and nail art company comprised of Nerd Misfits from all walks of nerdom. Ever since 2011, the mission was clear: knockout the idea that being a nerd while loving makeup and nail art at the same time was a paradox. Nerd Makeup and Manicures are for anyone driven by their passions whether or not they are directed towards comics, video games, science, literature or general fandom. Equipped with our color palettes you can conquer all worlds, one color at a time!

And seriously, this Zelda/Game Boy Advance inspired lip gloss compact made all of us lose our minds.

They also describe their company as the “Land of Fandom and Glitter”, which are two things that we here at Nerdbot love dearly. And when the opportunity arose to check out some of these amazing products for ourselves, I called on the forces of Nerd Play Girls Scuba Steph and The Seamstress to help get the best opinion possible!

Now, all of us associate with different fandoms and there was something in this beautiful box for all of us. Espionage supplied us with two lip glosses, the Zelda inspired compact they fit into, about five packs of gorgeous nail wraps, and a Harry Potter inspired eyeshadow pallet featuring four incredible colors. The featured colors were glittery copper, burgundy, teal, and smoky black.

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Right away, I grabbed the Galaxy nails to stick on. Scuba Steph started with the Sonic the Hedgehog nails and Tiffany, The Seamstress, dove right into the gorgeous Harry Potter pallet, which included an adorable pin as well!

Espionage’s makeup is cruelty free, high quality, and the color saturation is beautiful. It popped effortlessly and didn’t require any primer or scraping like some other lower quality makeup brands for the colors to pop.

Thank you again to Espionage for letting these nerdy girls spend the morning with their incredible and perfect products!

You can find Espionage Cosmetics on their website, Instagram, and Twitter.

Nerd Play Girl The Seamstress is on Instagram and has a Patreon.

Nerd Play Girl Scuba Steph is on Instagram and has a Patreon.





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