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Will Smith Debuts First Poster for Disney’s Live-Action Aladdin (Which Leaves Questions Unanswered)

Next year, Disney classic Aladdin will become one of several animated films to receive a live-action remake, with Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritche helming the film. Among those in cast will be Will Smith as the Genie, who will have a hell of a time reaching the majestic heights of perfection put in place by the late Robin Williams. But at least Will Smith has the magic of social media to help “break the internet”, as the kids like to call it, by unveiling the first poster for the film.

Eat it up, my Disney loves. This is the singular image that is causing all the ruckus.

This movie poster is so simple that it raises a lot of questions. Like for example, does Disney really intend to have Will Smith be blue? Will the song lyrics still cut off our ear if it doesn’t like our face? I mean, it’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home. Are we still allowed to say barbaric? Will the Genie pull Sebastian the crab out of a cook book? Turn into Pinocchio when Aladdin lies? And believe you me, we know that lil’ son-bitch lies!!!

I’m sorry– I don’t mean to nerd rage. This poster is clearly meant to be a little teaser that the greatest Disney film of all time is getting a live action remake. To this day, I tell people “All I’ve gotta do is jump” when discussing anything from how to be successful in your career to choosing what toppings go on your Chipotle burrito. The love runs deep with Aladdin. Fortunately, audiences and fans seem to agree so far that the live action movies seem to be pretty respectable, plus the Broadway musical was pretty fairly embraced.

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So get ready to celebrate a whole new world, kids! Disney’s Aladdin is coming to theaters May, 2019.

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My Robin Williams quotes and I will be ready for it.

And my weird Jafar obsession. Yeah. That will definitely be there, too.


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