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Reddit User Leaks Images of ‘Star Wars Episode IX’ Filming Location

According to a Reddit user going by the name YenaMagana, a Star Wars Episode IX filming location has been spotted in the country of Jordan!

They tell their story in a Reddit thread before including images from the alleged set:

“So, I was driving through Wadi Rum, Jordan (I live in Jordan) for some nice desert camping, and I happened to stumble across a big tent city with some props. Wadi Rum is a large desert nature preserve in southern Jordan. A brief overview of what we saw”:

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  1. Saw several rigs that were supposed to be some sort of landspeeders (one looked a lot like Rey’s orange creamsicle speeder); these whizzed by rather quickly and I was not able to get a good photo.

  2. Pretty sure we saw Daisy Ridley (or perhaps another actress) getting a guided tour on a camel, with a heavy police escort.

  3. Drove past the film set you see in the photo album. There were all sorts of tents, a lot of cut-outs of alien figures (looked a lot like Neimoidians), and pylon-sort of things. Looked like Jakku.

  4. There is a big tent city with trailers, large MSU-style tents, and shipping containers. I am guessing this is where they construct a lot of the props, etc.

  5. While trying to leave Wadi Rum the next day, were told to take a different path as they were filming in a certain area using a lot of pyrotechnics (!!!).

The Reddit user continues with, “I won’t share the exact location (Wadi Rum is a big place), but it will be interesting to see Wadi Rum in the finished product. Wadi Rum is used to film a lot of movies, including “Lawrence of Arabia”, “The Martian”, and “Rogue One” (a lot of the establishing shots of Jedha were filmed there). I would also like to take the opportunity to plug desert excursions in Wadi Rum; really nice place with stunning scenery.”

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