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Nerdbot Reviews: Iron Fist Season 2

Unlike season one of Netflix Marvel’s Iron Fist Season two is a power-packed adventure from beginning to end. While maintaining the same tone, and the style of season one the writers and directors increased the fighting, violence, and powers during this making of season two which makes the season more interesting.

In season one the only villains where the Hand its all the series talked about “the evil veil Hand that I The Immortal Iron Fist must defeat”. However this season the Iron Fist moves away from the only villain being The Hand. Season two introduces multiple new and engaging villains. In this season Danny Rand learns to see that evil isn’t as simple as the way that he was taught to believe.

One of the many complaints about season one was that Danny Rand never used the Iron Fist well fans don’t have to worry about that this reason. Throughout this season we see the strength and power of the Iron Fist. The number of fights and battles that take place in this season is an exponential amount more than the previous season. Colleen Wing even gets some of her own amazing fight scenes throughout this season.

One of the most engaging aspects of this seasons was the amount of character progression and development that takes place for Danny Rand and his friends. If you are a fan of the other Marvel Netflix shows than Iron Fist season two is for you. You might even spot someone you recognize from somewhere else.

Review by the Numbers

Whole Season:4/5

While this season improves on what needed to be fixed about season one it still left some of the things in there that made it not as good as it could have been. But overall this season is a major improvement.

Power usage and development: 5/5

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Throughout the series, Danny Rand has learned about the power of the Iron Fist. This season includes the usage of the special move a lot more than previously seen. As well he uses it in new and interesting ways.

Violence and fights: 4.5/5

The fights this season were better choreographed than last and performed with more precision. The digital effects that were used come amazingly well. Each character was featured prominently in a number of fights.

Character Development 4/5

We learned new things about each character. They all grew and progressed through the series instead of being stagnant and not learning or changing. The one frustrating thing that these series have been doing is leaving unanswered questions at the end of each season.

PS: As with anything that Marvel does it is a good idea to watch the credits.

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