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Nerdbot Review: Dissension War Eternal #2

We’re back with another review from our friends over at Aspen Comics.

This time, I’m here to discuss the latest issue of Dissension: War Eternal. Chapter two, titled Architects Of The Apocalypse continues the story of renegade angels who came down from the heavens to stop an epic war.

We begin the story in a snowy mountain terrain. There’s this dude having a merry old time getting drunk by himself when one of our renegade angels, Saravati appears. He tells her of a vision featuring a tundra warrior named Sangilak who led a group of men on a mission to find food for their tribe. During the expedition, they encountered the Old Gods that fell From they sky. Sangilak has daughters, they continued to lead his people long after he died. Each generation was gifted someone with the ability to see the future which saved the culture and lands throughout time.

When the flashback wraps up the man asks the angel about the members of Sangilak who were thought to be Gods and she has no idea of their location. It was her one task, and she failed.

Next we’re taken to a decimated Las Vegas where a group of people plot their next move. Food is running low, they’re exposed, they to get to the nearest military installation, fast. Delphi has a flash future involving Chinese soldiers coming in hot. Oh, I forgot to mention the US is at war with China in this series, creepily foreshadowing potential real events. Dude it’s crazy times out there. Then a sniper fires a shot, kills one of her guys, and troopers storm what’s left of the MGM Grand.

The Syndicate of renegade angels stands in front of a portal with a powerful destroyer behind it. They believe this being can control the humans leaving them defenseless against these sinister forces. By cracking the door open enough for the creature’s conscious to get through so its influence can weaken humanity. There’s some talk of mass scale destruction through controlling thoughts and emotions. A societal manipulation of immense proportions. So, it turns out our destroyer guy has a beef with God and once humans are toast, he’s bringing the fight to heaven.

We end in China where the General has assembled a huge army ready to take the war to the next level.

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Dissension: War Eternal is one of those stories that blends fantasy elements into the real world beautifully. What’s cool about it is the whole renegade angels playing war games with civilization part. It’s like that movie Dogma only there’s no loophole to heaven. But there is a battle being stirred up by spiritual forces who personify traits of afterlife while adding depth to their quest.

I would recommend starting at the beginning if you plan to read it. Don’t worry, there’s just one issue before this one so it won’t take long to get caught up. I can sense a complex story with equally complex characters that enrich the quality of the product. Dissension isn’t a “see Spot run” of comics. And that’s a good thing.

Nerdbot Rating: 7 out of 10

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Aspen Comics

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