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Nerdbot Game Review: Super Star

When I downloaded this game on steam, I honestly assumed it would have played more like Huniepop. You know the famous game where you play puzzle games and the girls get turned on and start getting naked. It’s a little famous for being a trash weeb game for people like me. So I put this on and gave it a shot. Let’s see how this one plays and if it is worth our time.

Opening Scene

It starts out saying you have just beaten a computer game where you get to do explicit things to the characters. You wake up next to a girl not knowing if you are dreaming or not. Turns out you aren’t and the girl is real, your prize for winning the game, a one in one billion chance of happening. Your day job in this is that you are a talent agent looking for the next superstar to hit big, and you haven’t had any luck as of yet. You chat with her for a while, the game asks you to name her so I called her Samantha. Samantha says she isn’t so easy like the girls in the game you played. She offers for you to train her to become a star and you agree.

Leveling up Talents

The game play is kind of lame. It’s a lot of button clicking and spending in game money to level up. You pick the talents you want leveled up and pay every time you click the button. When you have a skill over a certain level you can then get a job where you earn more money to put back into learning other skills. So far it’s all very repetitive. After playing it for a while, and I mean a while it seems that the clicking is actually the best option for this game. There is a lot of story and if you had to play a puzzle game every time you did anything it would take forever to finish. There is a time limit in play of three years. You have three years to become famous, and every time you click anything another day goes by.

In the beginning it is possible to train so much that you have insufficient funds, so you need to make sure you are taking jobs as well as leveling up your skills. It looks like the only thing you can’t increase by working is intelligence. For that you have to just train like usual. I also noticed that you gain more points by training each day whereas taking a job lasts ten days and only increases skill about 30-60 points. Ok, I take back the intelligence thing, when you work as a volunteer it levels up. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to what makes you succeed in a job. I couldn’t figure out a pattern for dictating whether I would get a green circle or a red x. A good thing about the game is that it is well balanced. You are able to earn points in any specific category and still be earning enough money to spend on the areas you are lacking.

Under the event tab you find all kinds of new objectives. It is important to click this every time you finish training or taking a job. This is where you will complete objectives and get rewarded with images like this…

Keep Going!
1 of 490

Here I was thinking this would be a more wholesome game! Ok now I’m back in it. Sorry to say that all it takes is a cute girl in a maid outfit to become reinvigorated with this game. Let’s earn that badge to become a star maid and see what else I can unlock!

After you complete all of the jobs a whole world opens up. You get to help with a variety show, be in advertisements, the event log fills to the brim. Let’s see what kinds of rewards we will get from doing all of these. So far the amount of time it takes to get from one risque scene to the next is pretty long. I have played for about an hour since the maid picture and still not even a hint at another one.

The little cut scenes here and there are what are supposed to build up to the big reveal, and I’m sure you all know what I mean by that. At one point you are asked to be in a commercial by Kim Lee Minho. Wait a second, I know that actor! He is in the famous K-drama Boys Over Flowers! So now this game is intersecting with the real world, which is a pleasant surprise. He even hits on you! In fact you get hit on a few times but your agent always blocks the attempt. Because you have now been together so long you respect one another and have a very special bond. You get to a quest called “the sex of drunk people” and you get a underwear picture. I won’t post it here because I did a lot of work to earn that! You need to play for yourself!

So I got to the end, ran out of time. When you get to the end you earn diamonds based on your score in the game. The game expects you to play it multiple times but I do not see that happening for me. The game was like 3+ hours in one sit through and what you get for that amount of time is not much. A couple of pictures to add to the photo album but that’s it as far as rewards. This game is less of a game and more of a story about a girl who gets into show business. For all that trouble I could have just watched something good like Skip Beat.

I’m giving this game a 5/10 because it’s playable and kept me entertained, but I was also zoning out with all of the ten day clicking jobs. There is no reason you need to click every time a day passes, you’re better off just flipping a coin to see what score you are going to get.

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