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Promo Video: Contact in the Desert

Are you intererested in aliens, alien abduction, and the paranormal? Be sure to check out Contact in the Desert! Nerdbot will be there, covering the event and basking in all of the science and strangeness. Whether or not you are a believer or an amature Ufologist, Contact in the Desert has something for everyone…

Check out Contact in the Desert, June 1 – 3 in Indian Wells, CA. There will be plenty of talks from speakers you may be familiar with, like Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (the “I’m not saying it was aliens…” meme guy from Ancient Aliens on The History Channel) and David Wilcock (researcher/writer about aliens and UFO culture). Oh, and Indian Wells is in a beautiful part of the desert, so be sure to sneak away for a hike in the evening.

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Do you have interest UFOs or the paranormal? Is there a great conference or convention you’d like to attend to talk UFOs, bigfoot, or anything on the fringes? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!

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