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10 Best Dunks (So Far) on Worst Superman Ever- Dean Cain

No one cares what the worst Superman ever, Dean Cain, has to say about the Man of Steel’s sexuality. Cain, who continues to audition for the real life role of an underwhelming supervillain, has once again expressed an unwanted opinion about Superman, a role he unfortunately once had the privilege of inhabiting.  Earlier this week, […]

An 8.5 Rated Action Comics #1 Sells for $3.25 Million

Imagine purchasing a piece of comics history like a copy of Action Comics #1. How would you even put a price on what has become one of the most important pieces of the art form? With the launching of Superman, Action Comics #1 is unlike any other book of its day. A recent ComicsConnect auction […]

“Superman: The Animated Series” Hitting HBO Max in HD

Superman fans have something truly wonderful to look forward to as one of the best iterations of the character is coming to HBO Max next month. Multiple sources indicate that the streaming platform will be expanding its library of DC Animated Universe projects by adding “Superman: The Animated Series” to its line-up. The DCAU, also […]