February 29th is Superman’s Birthday!

How fitting for it to be Superman’s birthday today! Leap day is an occurrence that happens every four years. And on this very special Leap Year we get to celebrate Superman who is now if you count by leap years since his first appearance in Action Comics issue #1, is 21 years old!

This image released by Profiles in History shows a June 1938 Action Comics #1 issue, one of many Superman items up for auction on Dec. 19 in Los Angeles. (Profiles in History via AP)

Superman can now drink one with the boys! And boy does he look young. Usually he is portrayed around his early thirties but if you want to go by when he first debuted he’s a whopping 82 years old! Talk about looking good for your age.

How do we know it’s his birthday?

Well in 1976 DC released a calendar that had all their characters birthdays. And lucky for us we have images of that very same calendar.

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