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Mark Zuckerberg Officially Announces Facebook Rebranding as ‘Meta’

It seems the social media conglomerate has finally embraced their end goal mission of world dominance. In announcement during their Facebook Connect event, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the company’s rebranded name: Meta. The announcement marks the first of many changes that are set to come in the next few years. The end goal is to […]

How to Leverage Social Media For Your Business

Social media is any form of online communication where people share content over different networks such as forums, blogs, chatrooms or email listservs. Social media can also be used to leverage your business and this post will explore the different ways you are able to do this, from hashtags to Facebook ads, there are many […]

How Social Media Marketing Works in 2021

The 21st century saw new means of communication, technical and technological advances accelerate globalization. Now information can be transmitted almost instantaneously throughout the world. This phenomenon then offers new horizons to marketing, new platforms to exploit such as social networks . The offer can then be expressed in new forms. We will first analyze the […]

Patrick Stewart Welcomed Back To ‘Star Trek’ by ‘Discovery’ Actress reports that the crew from Star Trek’s USS Discovery appears to be on board with Patrick Stewart’s return to the Star Trek franchise. Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays science officer Michael Burnam on Star Trek: Discovery, tweeted out a greeting and posted an Instagram shot of herself with Stewart. The tweet was a reaction to the announcement that Stewart will headline a […]

Henry Cavill Apologizes for Insensitive Rape Comment

  Time Magazine Reports that actor Henry Cavill issued an apology for saying he is afraid of flirting with women because he is “going to be called a rapist or something.” The 35-year old actor drew criticism for his comments about the #MeToo movement in an interview with GQ Australia and how he prefers a “traditional” approach to dating […]