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Johnny Depp Joins Social Media to Thank Fans for the Support and Remind Them to Stay Safe

Johnny Depp has not had an easy go of it the last year or so. When Amber Heard authored an op-ed in the Washington Post about being a survivor of abuse his life began to go haywire. Many were calling him a wife beater and many were rallying against him. It was a tricky time for Depp fans as even fans were torn. As things progressed we learned new information about Heard and now it appears that she elaborated and baited him for certain responses caught on video. Not only that but she is now being sued for $50 million for defamation of character due to Johnny losing his reputation and jobs. Depp has decided that now in the wake of coronavirus that he should start using social media. And he’s shared his first Instagram posts reminding us to stay safe.

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“This is my first experience within the world of social media, I’ve never done any of this before. I don’t think I felt any particular reason to, until now,” he began.

“Now is the time to open up a dialogue as the threat of this invisible enemy has already caused immeasurable tragedies and enormous damage on people’s lives,” he continued. “I feel we need to try and help each other throughout these dark times.”

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Depp added, “Stay safe, stay well and stay inside your homes. We need to make the best use of this time by being close to the ones we love. … We cannot and must not succumb to shutting down and giving in to what feels like hellish quarantine monotony. We need to keep ourselves curious as this time in isolation can be used for great learning and remember that today is today and that’s that. There will be no refunds given tomorrow for having missed today. Today ain’t coming back.”

“Also before I go, on a more, I suppose, personal note, thank you all for your kindness, your unwavering support and your strength over these years,” Depp shared. “I am touched beyond words.”

This is the perfect time for him to join social media as he’s undoubtedly feeling very lonely. He should be reaching out to his fans and stabilizing his platform for when he makes his comeback.

Did you notice the Pirates of the Caribbean props in the video? Follow Johnny Depp on Instagram by clicking the link here.

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