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Can Video Games Help You Make Social Connections? Is It True?

Remember the times when you used to play outside. At 5 PM, every day, you would ask your mother to give you permission so that you can go outside and play. Your mother would say ‘be back before it gets dark’.

Gone are the days.

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Today, kids don’t like to roam in the streets. They have Netflix, Stream, Twitch, CS GO, Fortnite, and PUBG. These kids spend almost two hours every day playing these games. And, the only problem their mothers have with these digital games is that their kids are not making any social connections.

Well… this is debated.

We did some research and found that these kids are actually making as many connections as they were making while playing with their friends outside the house. In some cases, they are making even more connections, thanks to Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Games (MMORPGs).

More Evidence about Gaming & Social Connections

In fact, multiple studies have been conducted in this regard, and most of these studies have suggested that gaming is beneficial. It helps people connect and spend time together. Here is how other organizations have defined social gaming.

  1. According to Venture Beat, Gaming is a positive experience. It is literally full of fun and a conducive way to learn new things. 
  2. A PEW study suggests that 77% of online gamers are playing games with their friends. They may be physically isolated from the rest, but they are having fun in the game. And that is what matters to form a social connection. 
  3. As per the Washington Post, people with disabilities are more likely to play games in the United States. Because for them, games are a world where they are free to do anything they want. It also helps them overcome social anxiety and depression. 
  4. Learning for kids suggests that gaming platforms such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Warcraft, and many others offer kids the opportunity to create meaningful connections with their peers through gaming and achieving success on levels. 
  5. The American Psychological Association suggests that simple games such as the “Angry Birds” and ‘Plant and Zombies’ that are easy to play can significantly change the mood of the players, helps them relax, and overcome anxiety.

These researches are proof that gaming is a positive activity and a great way for kids today to connect with their peers. Moreover, gaming movies such as Ready Player One, Spy Kids 3D Game Over, Wreck-It Ralph, and many others have also been made to endorse the belief that gaming is a positive activity for children and adults alike.

Based on the data we collected in favor of gaming as a social connection, we have created a list of ways in which games help users. Let’s read them.

  1. Help tackle tasks

Games help players create or find solutions to problems. This is a constructive activity, and it prepares them to find similar solutions when they get stuck in problems in their real life. 

Sometimes, they are playing multiplayer games. In this case, they can help their friend to solve a particular problem. Take the example of Minecraft where most of the users are solving a single puzzle or Roblox where users have to work around a particular scenario.

  1. Prioritize & Strategize

Whether you are playing action games or puzzle games with your friends from the vast options that are being added to the internet archive, you have to prioritize tasks. Since you communicate your actions to your friends, you can get better at communication – a skill you would always need in your practical life. If you have observed closely, only those gaming teams win in the EA Sports events that are better at communicating and coming up with workable plans.

  1. Work in Teams
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Nothing makes you better to work in teams then the games you play with your friends. There is now software available to improve gaming, such as the Team meeting software. People use them to communicate verbally with their friends, telling them about their next move, and collaborating with them to win the levels. Teamwork is also an essential skill that you should learn if you want to climb the stairs of success in your practical life.

  1. Become a leader

When people play games with their friends, they assign one person as the commander/leader. This is usually the person with more experience in playing the game. Everyone else in the team follows his commands to make the mission a success. 

This helps you learn about leadership skills that can guide you in many aspects of your life. In fact, in games like Fortnite and PUBG, youngsters form groups on social media websites, where they share tips and strategies for their matches. This is one way where players remain connected with their friends even after the game is over.

  1. Share Cultural Experience

In most games, players can share the custom logo, textures, or skins. Like in Counter-Strike Go (CSGO), players can share decal (a paint job) on the wall after killing the enemy. They give users the option to create a custom decal. 

Most people also add their country’s flag or something else that is related to their culture. It helps spread various cultural messages from one part of the world to the next. So, we can say that games are also a way to share cultural values.

  1. Learning & Education

Second Life is one social game where players can also study. The game also has over 17 universities where players can take courses. And some of these courses are actually provided by real universities in the US. 

Apart from this game, there are many other educational games that you can play to learn about a specific topic. Most of these games are available online on sites like Unlimited Gamez mo. You can access these games anytime on your smartphone.

  1. Sense of Personal Space

Games give people a sense of personal space. Players can’t move into other’s property and cars. This helps them understand what their limits are as friends. Games like SIMS help people understand about family life and friends. It helps in learning how various professionals spend their life, which is an essential part of upbringing and awareness.


Video games are a great way for people to socialize. They can form new connections, make long-lasting friends, and can relax for a while after a long day at work. Since most of these games are available on mobile, they can easily play them anywhere they want.

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