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How Social Media Marketing Works in 2021

The 21st century saw new means of communication, technical and technological advances accelerate globalization. Now information can be transmitted almost instantaneously throughout the world. This phenomenon then offers new horizons to marketing, new platforms to exploit such as social networks . The offer can then be expressed in new forms. We will first analyze the characteristics of these modern social networks and then discuss the different techniques used by the successful companies.

New generation of social networks

There are currently billions of social network users in the world, which represents around 40% of Internet users. We can no longer ignore the fact that this new platform represents a new communication channel with great potential. Facebook, Twitter, or even Snapchat represent the perfect example of this new phenomenon which consists in sharing one’s life with our friends, our family, or even with strangers. In a short time, these platforms have become an essential tool to stay in constant contact with the lives of others, of those around them, to share photos, videos or links, exchange information, join groups and even receive offers. It is now Internet users who create information that dominate the attention of billions of people.

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How do social networks make it possible to highlight the offer of companies?

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Companies are no longer able to ignore these new elements of large-scale communication. Brands and companies have started to develop their promotions on blogs or sites like Facebook or even Twitter. And even if they remain far behind SEO, display, affiliation, comparators or emailing, studies show that from 2015 social media surpassed all other types of traffic sources. 

Coca-Cola which in 2011 brought together thousands of Facebook users around bottles in their name and allowed the brand to take a place in the minds of Internet users. 

The car brand Ford, which organized a photo contest on the Instagram application (bought by Facebook at the end of 2012) with the theme of the Ford Fiesta equipment, this simple contest had a significant impact on users, who, without even wanting to, advertised the brand, which wanted to restore the image of a car considered a little old-fashioned by associating it with a trendy technological service.

Social Media marketing has grown to a new point where businesses come to start paid campaigns and build audiences. When it comes to social media marketing in 2021, then building an engaged audience is very important. It doesn’t matter whether you are utilizing Twitter, Facebook, IG or Pinterest – building community is vital for success. In this post we will cover two fundamental elements of social media marketing – paid ads and content marketing (scheduling, frequency, etc.).

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