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Ray Fisher Says WB Has Removed Him from “The Flash”

Ray Fisher, who played the DC Comics character Cyborg in the Warner Bros. Pictures superhero film “Justice League” says WB has removed him from the upcoming “The Flash” standalone film. In a tweet posted by Fisher, he shared an essay in which he reveals the news. This is just the latest bit of news from […]

Ray Fisher’s Walter Hamada Vow Might Mean No More Cyborg in DCEU

We want to come right out and say that we support Ray Fisher, and applaud his continual refusal to step back from the very public “Justice League” situation. If you’ll recall, Fisher (who plays DC Comics character Cyborg) brought up some very serious allegations against Zack Snyder‘s replacement director Joss Whedon, urging Warner Bros. Pictures […]

‘New’ Trailer for “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” Debuts

Earlier this morning, Zack Snyder unveiled a new trailer for his upcoming director’s cut of DC Comics film “Justice League,” which will debut on HBO Max next year. The trailer is presented in black and white, which is a nice “artistic” touch. There was also a colorized version released on the official HBO Max YouTube […]

Zack Snyder Back at Work on “Justice League” Reshoots

Doesn’t the news about Zack Snyder‘s cut of “Justice League” seem like it was five years ago? If you’ll recall, Warner Bros. Pictures FINALLY decided it was time to give Snyder’s cut of the superhero team up film the chance to be seen, and will have it debut on streaming service HBO Max. The Snyder […]

Check out DC FanDome’s Official 24 Hour Schedule of Events

We’re getting closer to the kickoff of DC FanDome next weekend, and we’ve finally got the official schedule of panels/presentations. Featured here are Warner Bros. Pictures DC Comics-based films, some of The CW’s Berlanti-verse DC Comics tv series, and other DC Comics-based properties (like “Lucifer,” “Teen Titans GO!,” and more). DC FanDome Official Schedule: Wonder […]

Zack Snyder Teases Justice Con Happening This Weekend

Filmmaker Zack Snyder just dropped a pretty big teaser on his Twitter. Apparently, this weekend there will be an event called Justice Con. A little looksee at the Youtube listing for this out of nowhere event reveals a listing of expected guests across several different videos, but no real explanation of what the heck this […]