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Koei Tecmo’s North American and European Sites Down Following Cyberattack

Koei Tecmo is finishing out the year in true 2020 fashion. After a recent cyberattack, the company has temporarily taken down both their North American and European websites. If that’s not enough, the company says that information may have been leaked as early as December 25. Apparently, the holiday season doesn’t stop hackers from wanting […]

Capcom Provides Update on How Bad That Recent Hack Was

Things are looking dark for Capcom. On top of COVID-19 delaying “Monster Hunter Rise,” the company is now facing massive issues thanks to their recent hack. Last week, hacker group Ragnar Locker attempted to compromise Capcom’s data with ransomware. Unfortunately for the gaming company, they were successful. Ragnar Locker demanded an $11 million bitcoin ransom […]

Capcom Formally Announces System Hack

It seems that we just can’t have nice things in 2020. As if the world isn’t on fire enough, now somebody is hacking Capcom’s systems. In a recent press release, the company formally announced that its internal systems were hacked a few days ago. Capcom has this to say about the issue: “Beginning in the […]

Russia Exploits Google

Russia has been the poster boy lately in hacking. It seems like they’re always in the news for intervening with something related to the US. Well, now is no different… But this time they’ve found a major flaw in Google’s system.  Whenever you use your smartphone to go on to Google you may see the little […]