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Russia Exploits Google

Russia has been the poster boy lately in hacking. It seems like they’re always in the news for intervening with something related to the US. Well, now is no different…

But this time they’ve found a major flaw in Google’s system.
Whenever you use your smartphone to go on to Google you may see the little (AMP) Accelerated Mobile Pages right on the bottom of the first couple website names. Those first couple ones are paid to be on the top of the web browser in case you didn’t know. And it seems that Russia has been exploiting this using propaganda and all sorts of yellow journalism.

The AMP feature was first brought to light in late 2015. It offered faster data speed to those who didn’t have fast enough data. To help make things easier for smartphone users phones that, have Google programmed into them (which are almost all Android phones) already have the AMP feature on them.
Thanks to Google force-feeding people this way of using the internet, it has been widely used by many. But at the same time it has many raising an eyebrow at this, even though it’s a lot more easier to click on junk, rather than something more useful.

Even though many have been abusing this, Google hasn’t been cracking down on this until recently. But even though they are trying to shut down on all these AMP propaganda, it’s going to be hard solely because Google is such a huge platform. So there’s no clear answer to when this will be fixed, or even if it will dealt with. So just be careful when you decide to click on the links with an AMP right next to it. Because it might just be some junk, or someone trying desperately to sway you in a certain direction.

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