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Fall Guys is Finally Arriving on Xbox This Summer!

It’s here! It’s here! It’s really here! In an exciting Tweet, the official “Fall Guys” account has confirmed that “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” will be arriving to Xbox systems this summer! “Fall Guys” quickly became one of 2020’s hottest games amid the COVID-19 lockdowns. Despite being stuck inside, players could get some laughs and joy […]

“Doom Eternal” Costumes are Coming to Fall Guys

“Doom Eternal” is not the kind of game anyone would use the word cute when describing. That is until now. In an epic crossover event, “Doom Eternal” costumes are coming to the adorable beans of “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.” So while you won’t be slaying any demons in these, you will certainly be fighting for […]

Fall Guys Charity Competition Ends with Massive $1 Million Donation

The “Battle of the Brands” contest has officially come to a close. After two weeks of bidding, one group has risen above the rest to be named the winners. Yesterday, a joint donation of $1 million by Aim Lab, Ninja, Mr. Beast and G2 Esports swept the competition away. This gigantic donation was made only […]

DrLupo Crowned Best “Fall Guys” Player in the World

There can be only one. In a battle royale where players must overcome obstacles and each other to achieve victory, someone is bound to shine brighter than the rest. That someone is DrLupo. The popular Twitch streamer recently logged on to the game to discover undeniable proof that he is currently the world’s best “Fall […]

“Fall Guys” Charity Bidding War will Bring new Branded Skin

“Fall Guys” is turning advertising into charity profit! Since its launch on August 4th, “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” has exploded in popularity. In just over two weeks the game has seen over 8 million players join in on the colorful battle royale chaos. All of those players mean companies are itching to advertise their brands […]