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A New Life Sized Detective Pikachu Doll Available

When they released the Detective Pikachu toys in America they flew off the shelves. You couldn’t find really anything anywhere which was crazy because you think with a movie of this caliber places like Target and Best Buy would have ordered an insane amount of product. Well if you could get your hands on the […]

Reynolds Trolls Fans; Waititi Mocks Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is a funny guy. Anyone who has seen some of his films (except Green Lantern) can attest to that. But sometimes the actor uses his powers of humor for evil and trolls his fans. Some recent examples of this were seen during the lead up to the release of Detective Pikachu, in which […]

Will We Ever See R-Rated Outtakes From “Detective Pikachu”?

Will there be an R-rated Detective Pikachu sometime in our future? Probably not, although according to star Ryan Reynolds there is enough material to make one. Reynolds is the voice of the title character in the upcoming film. While he might not have gone full method as he teased in his “Outside the Actors’ Studio” […]

Detective Pikachu is Coming to Pokemon GO

Detective Pikachu hits theaters this week and Pokemon GO plans to celebrate. Niantic and The Pokemon Company are bringing a special event to Pokemon GO which includes new cosmetic items and in-game bonuses. The event will promote and celebrate the live-action Pokemon movie’s release on May 10. The Detective Pikachu celebration goes from May 7th […]

New Trailers and Poster for “Detective Pikachu”

May is shaping up to be monster month. On May 31 Godzilla will battle Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah for supremacy in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. But before that on May 10 the pocket monster Pokemon will have their live-action film debut in Detective Pikachu. The animated Pikachu is voiced by Ryan Reynolds and based […]

Detective Pikachu Toys Will be Released Next Week!

Get ready for some real hype! At least I know there will be in my household. Toys for the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie will be released by retailers starting next week! During the Toy Fair this year in New York they showcased a ton of new figures and plushies. One of the ones people are […]