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Reynolds Trolls Fans; Waititi Mocks Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is a funny guy. Anyone who has seen some of his films (except Green Lantern) can attest to that. But sometimes the actor uses his powers of humor for evil and trolls his fans. Some recent examples of this were seen during the lead up to the release of Detective Pikachu, in which Reynold’s provided the voice of the title character.

Reynold’s first trolling episode occurred when he posted an “Outside the Actors Studio” video detailing his method acting approach to the role. He was determined to lose around 180 pounds (but doctors said no) and live at the diminutive Pokemon’s 2-foot height (much crawling around on the floor was involved). He also abandoned his kids at school because they would be strangers to Pikachu. Needless to say, his antics weren’t very popular with his wife.

Reynold’s next trolling episode occurred 3 days before the release of Detective Pikachu when he tweeted a YouTube link to a supposedly pirated version of the movie as a call to action for Warner Bros. The video starts with the company logos and what appears to be the opening scene of the film before it suddenly cuts to a shot of Pikachu dancing. The dancing continues – for the rest of the 1 hour 42-minute video (dancing Pikachu is kind of mesmerizing but that is a bit too much of a good thing).

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But Reynold’s got his comeuppance when he was mocked by director Taika Waititi, who tweeted a selfie of the cast from the set of Free Guy, in which Reynold’s has the lead role. Waititi captioned the picture with “Dream come true to work with Ryan Gosnolds for the first time ever!” Reynold’s character in the film is apparently a bank teller who learns that he is actually a background character in a video game.

This isn’t the first humorous tweet from Waititi, who previously posted a joking response when news of James Gunn’s rehiring for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 was released. Waititi poked fun at the rumors that had been circulating that he would be directing the next Guardians film.

At the end of the day, this trolling and joking around is all in good fun. But as seen here be careful, because what goes around comes around.

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