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A New Life Sized Detective Pikachu Doll Available

When they released the Detective Pikachu toys in America they flew off the shelves. You couldn’t find really anything anywhere which was crazy because you think with a movie of this caliber places like Target and Best Buy would have ordered an insane amount of product. Well if you could get your hands on the plushy version of Detective Pikachu that came out in the states but were still left unsatisfied either by it’s size or hugability then I have some great news for you. There is now a life size Detective Pikachu that has been put out by Bandai Japan and you can preorder it now!

This little guy is about 40cm tall and fully pose able. He will be coming out in December and is unfortunately only available via preorder through Mega Tore Shop , Premium Bandai and Ami Ami.

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He will run you about $200 before shipping and handling.

You are going to want to reserve your toy soon as this is sure to sell out fast. If you know anyone with a proxy you should definitely get in touch soon.

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