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Some Real Big News for “Robotech” and “Macross” Fans!

After two decades, the international rights for influential anime series “Robotech” and “Macross” and their sequels, shows, and offshoots have been settled. Big West, Studio Nue, and Harmony Gold today announced an “expansive agreement” allowing the immediate distribution of the properties. The news also included a big ol tease of possible new projects from both […]

“Terminator” Anime Coming to Netflix from Mattson Tomlin

Netflix sure has some interesting titles coming in the future, especially their upcoming anime slate. With animated series like “The Witcher,” “Pacific Rim,” and “Blade Runner,” the newest title to join the group fits right in. From “The Batman” writer Mattson Tomlin we’re getting a “Terminator” anime! Skydance has teamed up with the streaming giant […]

Anime’s Road to Global Popularity: The Brief History

When you mention anime to someone, the reaction depends on how people perceive this art and it can range from “I adore it” to “I hate it.” Some might be familiar with every inch of this topic, while someone may not even know what it is. While it is a broad term, the fact is […]