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“Cardcaptor Sakura” Iconic Outfit Gashapon Figures Are In!

That’s right! Now you can collect Tomoyo’s beautiful creations, and you can even hang your jewelry from them!

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Cardcaptor Sakura” burst onto the anime scene in Japan starting with a manga by CLAMP in 1996 and an anime in 1998. The series’ most recent continuation, the “Clear Card” arc, just recently ended in summer of 2018 (we’re still waiting on a second season, CLAMP!).

In the series, a young girl named Sakura must capture the Clow Cards that she accidentally released from the mythical Clow book. As she works with her cute sidekick, Kero-chan (short for Kerberos or Cerberus), to collect the cards, her cousin/best friend/biggest fangirl Tomoyo makes her beautiful outfits to fight in.

When I found out that I could actually own little figures of these gorgeous dresses, I knew I HAD to get my hands on one! The dresses available are Sakura’s most popular two from the original series. The pink one with the red bow on the left is the most iconic and is shown in the first opening for the show, the white in the center is featured in the 3rd opening, and the red on the right is featured in the Clear Card arc. I’m a weeb, so I got the original pink dress, on the left.

Just for clarification, these are Gashapon figures. Gashapon is basically like a Japanese prize machine. So, no, it’s not exactly easy to get them in the states. I ordered mine from Ebay and it took a few weeks to get to me. Worth it *shrug*!

The figure came in the original Gashapon ball. My own little Sakura offered a hand in the assembly work.

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It also came with a little guide and a warning, which I can only assume is about choking hazards.

This little guidebook was pretty cool, actually.

The figure came completely disassembled, but was pretty easy to piece together. You do have to pull the wings off of the little frame work. Don’t worry, you won’t break it.

And voila! There she is! I’m not going to lie, the stand part feels super cheap, but it is a machine prize, so I wasn’t expecting much. It’s honestly not a bad value, for $15 and a 3 week wait. It’s super cute and a fun addition to any anime nerd’s collection.

I rate this fun little toy a 4.5 out of 5 Clow Cards. Get you one.

You can check out the entire Cardcaptor Sakura anime, including the Clear Card arc, on Crunchyroll!

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