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“Alita: Battle Angel” Sequel Billboard Appears in Los Angeles

A strange thing appeared on a digital billboard in Los Angeles this week, a fan-driven campaign to get a sequel to Robert Rodriguez‘s “Alita: Battle Angel” live-action film. They’re also raising money for charity! Now yes, we know the video isn’t the best due to the digital banding going on, but we were able to […]

Nerdbot Review – “Alita: Battle Angel” in 4DX

I was at our local Regal Cinema recently when I noticed one of the theaters was closed for renovation. I had heard they would be upgrading to recliner seats sometime this year so I thought that was why, but when I asked a manager, I was told it would be a new 4DX theater. So, […]

‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Star Addresses Anime Adaptation Critics

An article from reports that Rosa Salazar opened up about the harsh reaction to Alita: Battle Angel from the series’ old guard anime and manga fans at the Crunchyroll Expo 2018 this weekend. Salazar was at the convention all weekend, where Alita: Battle Angel undertook a promotional marathon. She plays the eponymous hero in the movie, and she was […]