Thursday, February 21, 2019

Nerdbot Movie Review: Blade Runner 2049

Photo Credits- Warner Brothers What else is there to say about Denis Villeneueve's Blade Runner 2049 other than amazing!!! By now, if you haven't seen it, you've been scrolling through Twitter seeing an over abundance of headlines trumpeting the highest of praise for the sequel to Ridley Scott's...

Nerdbot Game Review: Stranger Things – The Game

One of the strangest things about Stranger Things: The Game (iOS/Android) is that it’s a promotional tie in that’s both awesome AND free. Anyone who knows their video game history will appreciate this breaks with a long standing tradition that tie-ins have to be...

Nerdbot Movie Review: Kingsman The Golden Circle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle was a sequel that remembers the original movie but loses the heart. Here's the quick review: It was good. It was entertaining. It was NOT great and it was NOT quite the subversive, smart action film that original was or that...

Nerdbot Movie Review: IT (2017)

it Poster
As we all know, the never ending cycle of remakes in Hollywood can be exhausting.  Millions of people scroll through twitter everyday seeing headlines that make us wonder if the movie business will ever find its sense of originality.  However, we all have our...

Lego Review – Eclipse Fighter 75145

Eclipse Star Fighter
The 75145 - Eclipse Fighter blasts its way from the deeper side of Star Wars lore. Helping paint a better picture for characters the average Star Wars fan (much like myself) might be unfamiliar with. The ship comes with its pilot Naare and the...

Lego Review – Millennium Falcon 75105

I am fortunate enough to start my LEGO reviews with a set that has all the appeal of buying a real life space ship while providing fodder for the imagination. Add to the fact that it make’s it's long awaited return in the upcoming...

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