“Underwater” Succeeds by Not Overthinking and Stewart’s Performance

"Underwater," is a film whose marketing campaign is doing it no favors. Going into it, after having seen the trailers, I was expecting that it would be a modernest slapdash blend of a greatest hits mash up of "Alien", "The Abyss", and...

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” Delivers a Better Ending Than We Deserve [Non-Spoiler Review]

42 Years later we come to the end of the original saga's storyline, and it turns out

Dragon Ball A Visual History Review

"If you’re a die hard Dragon Ball fan I can’t recommend this book highly enough."

Indie Dating Sim “Akash: Path of the Five” is Full of Flavor, Fun, and Sexy Characters

If you were the only woman in a school of six guys and you had to choose one, who would you pick?

King Of Fighters AllStar Review

King Of Fighters or KOF for short is a free 2D fighting game released on both IOS and Android.

‘The Addams Family’ Review

the addams family animated movie poster
No Spoiler Film Review of 2019 The Addams Family

Joker: A Serious Film for a Serious Monster

Few comic book villains incite as much controversy as the Joker. Introduced in Batman #1 on April 1940, the Clown Prince of Crime is Batman’s most well-known adversary and one of the most vicious characters in all of modern American literature.

Nerdbot Lego Review: Stygimoloch Breakout (75927)

A review of one of the more recent Jurassic World Series Sets.

Pass Microsoft SQL Certification Exams With ExamSnap Practice Tests

Easily pass your Microsoft SQL Certification Exams with these ExamSnap Practice Tests!

Why You Should Read No Guns Life

It’s not too often you see a noir style stories any more. With mystery lurking in every corner, with our hero trying to piece everything together. No Guns Life is exactly that and some.

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