Friday, October 23, 2020
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SPOILER FREE “Supernatural” s15e14 “The Last Holiday” [Review]

After a prolonged hiatus, The CW's "Supernatural" is back with all new episodes to close out their final season.  It is a...

“Utopia”: Darkly Funny Series That Hits Too Close to Home [Review]

Though unnerving at times, "Utopia" is still worth a watch for those willing to stomach its premise.

Nerdbot Cinema Reviews: “Empire Records” Turns 25 This Month

With a young, assorted cast of before they were stars and iconic quotes, in short, "Empire Records" IS the 90s.

“Promised Neverland” Box Set is Full of Details You May Have Missed

The "Promised Neverland" anime Blu-Ray set is available now, and it's absolutely gorgeous.

“Demon Slayer” Blu-Ray Box Set is to Die For

If you love "Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba" this box set is a must have.

Nerdbot Cinema Reviews: “Hackers” Turns 25 This Month

"Hackers" is an unbelievable reimagining of a simpler time, one that embodies era in every facet of filmmaking even decades later.

Wanna Play as a Trash Panda and Wreck Things? Donut Country is for You!

Ever wanted to be a racoon and just wreck things? Here's your chance in Donut Country!

Netflix’s “Cuties” Isn’t What You’ve Read Online [Review]

If you’ve heard about "Cuties", you’ve likely heard one or more of the following: it promotes pedophilia, it’s a documentary, there’s underage nudity, and there’s 11-year olds performing sex acts on themselves and/or others. None of those are the case.

Netflix’s “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” is a Decent, Unnecessary Sequel [Review]

"The Babysitter: Killer Queen" lacks the element of surprise and bares the burden of expectation, making it a decent yet unnecessary sequel.

Nerdbot Cinema Reviews: Fincher’s “SE7EN” Turns 25 This Month

Turning 25 this month: "SE7EN" is a chilling crime-noir thriller packed with brilliant performances, sharp directing, and gritty visuals.

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