Saturday, January 18, 2020

Neon Genesis Evangelion Pops Are Coming Soon

We're getting some really cool Neon Genisis Evangelion pops!

Sailor Moon Pet Beds Are Coming!

A must have for any Moonie!

Top 5 Anime Shows For Beginners

Anime has had a big surge in popularity, thanks in part to streaming sites helping to bring it to a wider audience.

This Sailor Moon Stemless Wine Glass Is Just Too Cute!

This would be great for a moonie!

Star Was Imagined As An Anime Opening

Ever imagined Star Wars anime openings? Check this out!

Yu-Gi-Oh Pot of Greed 1:1 Scale Replica To Be Released

Pot of Greed set to be released in April of 2020

How To Improve Your Manga Art Skills… Fast

A guide on how to get better at drawing manga

Blade Runner is Getting An Anime By Adult Swim/Crunchyroll

Blade Runner is getting an anime called "Blade Runner - Black Lotus"

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