Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Hasbro Has Released All of the 1980’s Animated G.I. Joe Series On YouTube

Hasbro just released all of the G.I. Joe animated series on YouTube for us to watch! Get ready for a heavy dose of nostalgia!

Steven Universes’ Finale and the Efficacy of Empathy

Steven Universe Future Aired its finale episodes, reminding us all of its importance as example of empathy and change.

Samurai Jack is Completely Free to Stream Right Now

Adult Swim has made the entire series free to stream on its website and app.

DC’s Harley Quinn Season 2 Premieres This April

DC Universe’s breakout hit HARLEY QUINN returns next month with Season 2 premiering April 3.

‘Ghostbuster’ Writer J. Michael Straczynski is Interested in a Series Revival

Writer/producer director J. Michael Straczynski took to twitter to mention his enthusiasm for bringing back The Real Ghostbusters animated series.

Is Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Worth the Wait?

Unlike its cartoon counterpart, Disney's 2020 take on 'Mulan' is as a war film that draws more from the 6th Century's Ballad of Mulan than the '98 version.

Pure Imagination: Taika Waititi to Direct New ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ Series

Foppishly dressed millionaire systematically murders children to catchy song and dance numbers? No we’re not getting a reboot of the Hunger Games but another adaption of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

‘Onward’ Banned in Multiple Countries For Lesbian Reference

Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have all banned the film due to a reference made by one of the characters that they are in a lesbian relationship.

Check Out This Impressive 122 Piece Optimus Prime Stained Glass

This thing is awesome! From pattern design to final product this 122 piece sun-catcher will take your breath away.

‘Transformers’ G1 Writer David Wise has Passed Away

David Wise has passed away from complications due to lung cancer.

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