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Kaylah Vargas

I've been critically reviewing fandoms and geek culture for eight years. After spending four years of college focusing on literary analysis, I now apply that passion to my hobbies and love for the geekdom.

How James McAvoy Brings Life to Morpheus in “The Sandman”

Just how does Neil Gaiman do it? He gives us extrodinary otherworldly and inhuman characters such as Morpheus from his “The Sandman” series and presents them as just that. Detached from the humanity that we so often identify within characters. He is simply amazing at giving us the “Endless” in such a way that we […]

Game With Pride When You Roll These QueerestGear Polyhedral Dice

It’s Pride month, so what better way to celebrate then to add some PRIDE to your gaming table? We are here once again to enable your addiction to buying dice and this time we have dice to reflect various Queer flags that you absolutely need to add to your collection. QueerestGear has listed on their […]