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This Hops-Inspired Dice Set is PERFECT for Beer Lovers

The scene- gathered round the table in a seedy bar with low torch lights flickering, the adventuring party calls for another round to celebrate their most recent victory! The beer flows as the revelry begins before journeying fourth the complete more quests.

Beer is a staple for any campaign. Whether you are drinking in character or your party has a few to guzzle down as you dungeon crawl. Either way, you better have a high constitution score for these hops-inspired dice! Just kidding- you can’t drink these dice. They are preserved hops. From whence beer comes.

These dice have been crafted from compressed hops then inlaid with copper numbering. Giving the dice a green mossy color which further compliments the copper.

Each of these dice has been crafted from compressed hops and set in to a crystal clear resin allowing you to see in to the die as the light passes both through and around the fibers of the hops giving these dice a depth and complexity not seen in our other materials.

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They are indeed quite the impressive set. And if you enjoy the craft of beer as much as you enjoy fueling your expansive dice collection, you may need to add these to your set.

Artisan Dice have been crafting polyhedral dice sets from exotic materials in Texas, experimenting and nailing beautiful and unique dice sets for dice collecting fiends like us.

Reviews state that they can actually smell the hops on the dice and many attest to their quality. They weigh about the same as a standard set and roll very well according to those who have purchased. They are definitely not your standard set of dice and the price tag is indeed a little bit up there for the full polyhedral 7 dice set.

They have already sold out before and are running low in stock now, so be sure to get your set soon. You can find them here.

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