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Doctor Strange Cosplayer Forced to Deform Sling Rings by Canadian TSA

Cosplayers who travel have their fair share of horror stories. Expensive props, one of a kind builds, and hours upon hours of time spent on costumes are totally normal. But what about when the WORST happens, and a piece of the costume gets lost? Or, even more common- a TSA agent doesn’t recognize a prop vs. contraband?

The latter happened to well-known cosplay personalty Riki Lecotey, aka R1ddle. Among several of her Marvel cosplays is a beautiful Doctor Strange.

Riddle’s Messy Wardrobe

Layers of highly detailed blue fabric for the robe, hand-tooled leather for the belt, and some pretty amazing sling rings. So amazing in fact that apparently some CATSA (Canada’s TSA) agent thought they were brass knuckles.

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Oh this breaks our heart!

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