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The Couchmaster is a Great Traditional Desk Alternative

If you’re looking for a good workspace that’s comfortable and easy to set up, then I’ve found the perfect thing for you. At first, I got this to review for myself because I’m always on the computer typing away. And with two kids it’s near impossible to have a standard set up in the living room without a tiny hand slapping away at my keyboard. NerdyTec provided me with this to review, but now that I’ve used it I’m seriously considering buying a second one.

It Powers Your Workspace

Couchmaster comes with things like plugs and powered USB ports, which is a fantastic space saver. You can charge your phone, iPad, or anything else while working. There are six 3.0 USB plugs in the desktop, four inside and two outside. The plug also comes with adapters for other regions like Europe.  There is a cable, especially developed for the CYCON², which establishes the connection between PC and Couchmaster, and simultaneously provides additional power with the included power adapter.

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This is especially helpful because you don’t have to worry about finding another plug, you already have everything you need right where you sit!

It’s Comfortable

Usually a laptop desk you use on the couch is one that you have to support with your own two legs. Because this comes with two very comfortable memory foam arm rests you don’t have to worry about slouching down to accommodate the height you need for your PC to be easily worked on.

As a bonus, the side cushions also include pockets where you can put your remotes or anything else you’ll want close by. It’s a good place to keep a bottled water too instead of on the desktop where it may possibly knock over onto your things.

It Stores and Cleans Easily

Because it’s in three parts, you can store it almost anywhere. For storage I’ll set the two cushions together on the side of the couch, and slide the desktop between the bookshelves. If your couch isn’t a fold out bed you can also probably slide the desktop underneath to keep it all close together.

If you want to get a stain out of the arm wrest the covers are detachable. You can hand wash them and then put them back on with ease. I wouldn’t recommend machine washing because I’ve always had a hard time with things like this shrinking, but you could if you wanted to.

Multiple Arrangement Options

If you don’t want to take it apart it also comes with self adhesive Velcro tape so that you can put it all together in a more permanent fashion. That way when you lift up the desktop the cushions will come up with it, until you detach them yourself.

There is also a mousepad that you can stick to either side of the desktop depending on if you’re right or left handed.

You Can Use It For Gaming

You don’t just have to use it for work! You can also set up to have a very cozy game night with everything you need powered and ready to go. Forgot to charge your headset? No problem! Just plug that sucker into one of the powered USB ports and you’re good to go!

Kids love it too!

Everyone can enjoy the Couchmaster!

One thing I didn’t expect was that my kids would also enjoy using this. In fact, it’s mostly been used now for my daughter’s homeschooling rather than my working. It’s kind of a novelty for them because they are in sort of a power seat while inside it. She’s used it for writing, doing math, drawing, and watching shows on her iPad. And the best thing is that her little sister fits inside it with her. So it’s kind of like free childcare when I’m running around cleaning the house.

Visit Nerdytec’s website here, or order one on Amazon here.

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