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Prevent “Summer Slide” with Coding Camp in Minecraft

The bell rings on the last day of school and it’s time for summer break! Kids dart up from their seats and they’re off. For the next three months, kids are on summer vacation with trips and  time with friends on their minds. Teachers, on the other hand, have to worry about the inevitable summer slide.

Summer slide is the phenomenon that students lose academic knowledge over the summer when they are not in school. Summer vacation is a time for kids to spend time out of the classroom, but unfortunately that can lead to learning loss that has to be made up in the next school year. Over time, this learning loss compounds and affects your child’s academic progress.

American Educational Research Journal studied more than 200 million test scores for nearly 18 million students in 7,500 districts across all 50 states between 2008 and 2016. They stated that “in a 5-year period, the average student in this group ultimately loses nearly 40% of their total school-year gains during the intervening summers.”

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So, it’s up to parents to keep their kids engaged and continuing to learn over the summer. One way to do that is through fun and educational summer camps. There are many types of activities that kids can do during the summer depending on their interests. There are sleepover camps, sports camps, scouting camps, and many more, but not all of them are both educational and fun. That’s the key.

For kids interested in gaming and technology, learning to code is a top choice and most parents understand the importance of learning STEM and technology these days.

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“About seven in 10 parents and guardians of U.S. students in grades seven through 12 (69%) say it is important or very important for their child to learn computer science”, according to a report from Google and Gallup.

CodeWizardsHQ teaches the most fun and effective live, online coding classes for kids. This summer, kids can learn about technology and computer science by using their favorite game, one they already spend hours playing, Minecraft. 

Intro to Redstone Logic in Minecraft makes playing Minecraft educational. It’s a fun and interactive 1-week virtual summer camp that introduces kids to redstone, an element used for mechanical and electrical programming in Minecraft. They will learn how redstone works and advance to build logic gates, similar to what electrical engineers create. This same logic is used in programming so kids get to see how their favorite game uses coding and engineering together. 

The small group classes mean kids get to interact with friends over the summer and learn together. The teachers are live, industry professionals who have a passion for teaching and make class an engaging and safe place for kids to learn.

While it’s possible to find free kids coding resources, a live, teacher led course gives kids the best chance at success. Kids can attend from home, so no drop offs or pick ups for parents working from home. Parents receive a report after every class so you can watch as your child progresses. 

Summer is almost here. If you want to prevent the summer slide for your child, enroll in a fun and educational summer activity this year!

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