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7 Alcohol-Infused Food Recipes You Must Try!

Now that the pandemic is almost over, we shouldn’t be afraid of dinner parties at home. If you are the type of person who always wants to host a party at their home, thinking of food to serve our guests can be stressful. We always wish the cuisine to be delectable and appealing to everybody. Of course, we should not also forget the alcohol! That is something we resort to when we want to unwind and to have some fun.

However, did you know that alcohol is also a very excellent food ingredient? If you are tired of preparing the same food over and over again, why don’t you try these recipes with alcohol? Often, the addition of alcohol may enhance the flavor of otherwise ordinary food. We compiled this list of food recipes that mainly include alcohol. 

  1. Tiramisu
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We should not forget dessert during the dinner parties, and the best way to level up Tiramisu is by adding alcohol to it, particularly Licor 43. So, what is Licor 43? It is an excellent liquor to use in cooking desserts, and it has a noticeable sweetness without being overpowering. This liqueur infusion enhances your Tiramisu with notes of vanilla and citrus fruits. We can use other types of vanilla liqueur as a Licor 43 alternative in both food and beverages. We are sure that everyone will love an alcohol-infused Tiramisu.

  1. French Onion Soup

If your guests want some soup, serve this classic French Onion Soup. Few soups typically include alcohol, but French onion soup is one such meal. Although the recipe calls for two types of wine, each contributes considerably to the dish’s taste. You can use white wine or red wine, depending on your preference. Caramelization is the most critical step in creating an excellent French onion soup. This step often entails waiting over the stove for several hours, gradually wilting, and continually turning the onions.

  1. Easy Fish and Chips

Finger food will not disappear from home parties, and one of these is Fish and Chips. The iconic fish and chips are among the most popular dishes that include beer in the batter. This meal is effortless to make that it certainly won’t eat your time just preparing it. You can use any beer while cooking Fish and Chips, but dark beer is the most recommended. Using beer batter in deep frying prevents overcooking of the fish and keeps the meat tender. Regardless of what you come up with, this dish is guaranteed to become a favorite on your dinner table.

  1. Penne Alla Vodka

Our home dinner parties are not complete without pasta. One of the best ways to elevate pasta is to include alcohol, so why don’t you try making ​​Penne Alla Vodka. While vodka in pasta sounds ridiculous, alcohol does affect how this meal ends out. This recipe is courtesy of, which gives the original foundation recipe for this famous pasta. This dish calls for a creamy vodka sauce. While most alcohol will evaporate during the simmering procedure, some residue will remain.

  1. Whiskey-Marinated Chicken

Who will forget chicken at their parties? There are currently several chicken varieties available, but how will we spice things up? You should try Whiskey marinated Chicken. It is easy to make, and whiskey, honey, sesame oil, soy sauce, lime juice, crushed red pepper, ginger, and garlic are all you need. After combining these ingredients, marinate the chicken for 30 minutes. If you have a vegetarian guest, you can do this with tofu or salad.

  1. German Potato Salad

Speaking of salads, we’ve included the German Potato Salad with Beer Dressing on our list. We should not forget to eat healthy food, especially during the pandemic. This salad is perfect with a twist of sweet beer dressing. When paired with potatoes, the finest beers to choose from are those that are sweet. It adds an extra dimension of flavor to the salad that you never realized you could taste with these types of foods! All you need is potatoes, onions, celery, parsley, beer, and butter.

  1. Red Wine and Beer Braised Short Ribs

One of many home dinner party favorites is short ribs! That’s why we did not forget to include the Beer Braised Short Ribs on our list. The combination of red wine and meat has long captivated diners, and this dish provides an excellent chance to highlight those feelings. This dish contains two distinct kinds of alcohol: beer and red wine. The meat will be so soft that it will come off the bone, and beer and red wine flavors will permeate it. Braising is the key to achieving the fall-off-the-bone excellence of this tough cut of beef.

Best Alcohols for Cooking

Red or White Wine

While white wine is a flexible type of alcohol for cooking, red wine is another excellent alternative. While people extensively use white wine in various dishes, it is particularly well-suited for cooking meat. Red wine has a more powerful depth of flavor than white wine, and Pinot Noir and Cabernet are two of the most fantastic red wines for pairing with richly flavored red meats.


Whiskey is an old liquor that may enhance the flavor of your cuisine. To draw out the smoky flavor in your meats, add a touch of whiskey. People use whiskey less frequently than rum and bourbon, but when it is, it serves the same purpose as salt in any ordinary meal. Whiskey will enhance the flavor of any dish.


People use vodka in pastries and pasta sauces. Tomatoes benefit immensely from this alcohol when cooked, but some pastries undoubtedly take the lead in profiting from vodka. Be cautious in using too much vodka in your cooking because it should glue components together and not enhance the taste.


These food recipes will add color to your dinner parties at home. With the addition of alcohol, your food will not just be any typical meal. We made sure that the meals on this list were delicious and healthy!

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