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An Emoji Guide: 6 Different Emojis That Express Anger

Emotions are indeed a roller coaster ride that everyone experiences. They can become overwhelming, whether happy, sad, or angry. Negative experiences can contribute to becoming frustrated, annoyed, and angry. Society nowadays has learned to accept that getting angry is not invalid and acceptable, especially when someone is going through a lot. 

People have fully embraced being emotional; that is why the internet is more open to witnessing others expressing their anger online. Some include long rants with explicit language even, and some choose to do it subtly using different emojis like the pouting face emoji. If you want to have more emojis to use whenever you want to do an anger outburst online, this article might help you out!

1. Release Your Built-Up Anger Using the Pouting Face Emoji 

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The pouting face emoji looks like the angry face emoji, and the only difference is that the pouting face emoji is red, which expresses a different level of anger. You can use this emoji when your rage is already building up inside and you want to do an emotional outburst. 

Using this emoji can help express your hatred or anger to disrespectful people, cyberbullies, and even famous people who do not know how to act politely in front of other people. 

2. Lowkey Show Your Anger With the Anger Symbol Emoji 

You can relate to the anger symbol emoji if you are an anime fan. This emoji somehow forms a square figure using curvy red lines. It can be fun to use if you want to play around and confuse people since not everyone is familiar with this symbol that many like to use in anime series. 

The anger symbol emoji can be used alongside the other anger expression emojis, especially if you want to clarify that you are upset. You can also use this emoji if you are annoyed, frustrated, and disappointed, as these emotions can give you a headache, just like how the anger symbol represents it. 

3. Want to Cuss? The Face With Symbols on Mouth Emoji Is the Perfect One to Use 

Our emotions can sometimes get the best of us. When we are angry, we usually say words that we do not mean and even release explicit and vulgar words. If you want to let the person you are mad at know how you feel, you can send them the face with symbols on the mouth emoji. This emoji has an angry red face with random symbols covering the mouth, representing someone blurting out inappropriate words. 

People have to be extra careful in using this emoji because it might cause more fights and lead to people feeling offended and disrespected. We never wish to regret the things we do. So keep in mind to use this emoji wisely, even during uncontrollable emotions.

4. Represent Animals With the Pouting Cat Emoji 

Society is learning to love and care about animals. But unfortunately, there are still people who treat animals like trash. Some abuse animals for fun, and some experts run tests for make-up and skincare products. And even some zookeepers give them drugs to make them act a certain way in theme parks and zoos. Many animal lovers will indeed be infuriated with these kinds of acts, especially advocates against animal abuse and abandonment. 

Many animal rights campaigns and events got canceled since the pandemic started. But people never stopped to attain all animal protection, and hence online campaigns emerged. It is nice to see different animal emojis on the list, especially those with expressions.

Use the pouting cat emoji to express your anger towards animal abuse. It is a creative way to show how important it is to treat animals like humans.

5. Express Your Anger While Giving a Little Scare With the Goblin Emoji 

The goblin emoji is one of the Halloween and mythical creatures from the emoji list. It is not initially a symbol of anger compared to the previously mentioned emojis, but its facial expression can pass as an angry emoji. The goblin emoji is a scary red mask that almost looks like a real monster, and its angry face will give some chills. You can use this emoji to express anger and scare people. 

It is an excellent way to let them know that you are not joking around and they must take you seriously. Be cautious in using this emoji because it might cause miscommunication, and people will think you are just happily spooking around.

6. Use the Exploding Head Emoji to Show a Different Kind of Anger

You can typically use the exploding head emoji whenever you’re in awe or great shock. But if you are tired of using the other angry emojis, the exploding head emoji can do too. When overwhelmed with anger, we usually cannot believe that many things can make our negative emotions go crazy. It may feel like our heads are pounding and exploding because our bodies could not handle the roller coaster ride. 

The best way to release these emotions is by expressing them. Whether through words, actions, posts, and even emojis, you can use the exploding head emoji alongside the other angry emojis so people will understand you more. Your real friends and family members will surely comfort you and will most likely send you the red heart emoji or the hugging face emoji to calm you down. 

Final Thoughts 

Expressing anger is never wrong–in fact, it is healthy! It’s just a matter of controlling your emotions, especially when you want to be expressive online. And thanks to these emojis, you can have a creative anger outburst without having people judge you too much. Using these digitized icons online will surely help you when you do not want to express emotions with words. We appreciate you for reading up until the end and if you like to discover more Emotion emojis, visit now! There you can copy and paste the emojis you’re looking for and learn how to best use them.

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