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AMC Unveils Limited Collectible “The Batman” Popcorn ‘Vessel’

Nothing says “I like this character” quite like eating snacks out of their heads, right? No? Ok, well, maybe you’re not interested in the fact that AMC Theatres has a special ‘popcorn vessel’ in the shape of Robert Pattinson‘s “The Batman” cowl.

Revealed this morning, the vessel is a limited edition item, and it will sell out.

“That’s a riddle that solves itself! Get THE BATMAN collectible popcorn vessel, complete with top-loading mask action and large popcorn for only $26.99+tax. On sale 3/3. Only while supplies last. It’s the perfect way to feed your inner hero!”

You can order it on AMC’s website here, while you’re paying extra for tickets to see “The Batman.”

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