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Waterproof Playing Cards Are a Must Have This Summer

Yes, I realize it’s still technically winter and I’m writing something for the summer. But a girl can dream can’t she? And what I’m dreaming of are long days by the swimming pool, sipping mimosas and playing poker. And how will I play poker in the pool? With these fancy waterproof playing cards, of course!

You don’t have to use these just at the pool either, they’re perfect for camping, the beach, or any family outing. I think that them being printed on clear plastic makes them look very nice when they’re all stacked up. And shuffling looks aesthetically pleasing too.

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They’re made by Hoyle, which is one of the best playing card manufacturers around.

If you’d like to get your own deck of waterproof cards they can be found here on Amazon.

If you want to be really cool you could also sport one of these visors. Perfect for playing poker.


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