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5 Assistive Devices To Help Your Senior Dog

Dogs, just like humans, suffer a lot from the effects of growing old. Most of them suffer from conditions such as degraded vision, muscle loss, joint pains, ligament problems, and arthritis among others.

Depending on the age and size of your dog, you might struggle a lot with an old dog. Some people argue that they can carry their small dogs around when they grow old, but you cannot do it all the time.

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This is not even an option for those with large dog breeds. At this age, dog owners should try as much as they can to get assistive devices to help their senior dogs move around comfortably.

This is not just limited to tools for mobility, but also medication and supplements for their health. Some of the best assistive devices and supplements to use include;


CBD oil plays a very crucial role in improving the health of your aging canine friend. When most dogs grow old, they suffer from different conditions, with one of the most common conditions being arthritis.

When this happens to your dog, you need to consult your veterinarian and use CBD oil for dogs with arthritis. However, you need to make sure that you use only the best products.

This is because we have had growing popularity in CBD oils in the past few years. You do not want to just walk into any store and get CBD oil. Always make sure that you are getting it from a reputable store that sells genuine products.

Dog Bike Carrier

Moving around with your senior dog without any problems is fun. However, you need to ensure that you have the right devices to achieve this. 

When using a bike, humans use an assortment of equipment such as helmets. Similarly, dog owners can get the same equipment for their senior dogs.

A dog bike carrier is one of the devices you can use when riding a bike with your dog. If you want to move from one place to another with your senior dog, you might find it difficult especially due to its age. 

Using a dog bike carrier, you can take the dog with you on your bike.

Dog Stroller

Most people might be surprised to see you carry your dog in a stroller. However, after realizing how much a stroller helps your senior dog, you will not be bothered by what people might say.

To start with, a dog stroller protects your senior dog from the scorching sun and makes it easy for you to carry the dog around. No matter the size of the dog, you can get a stroller that matches your requirements as well as those of your dog.

However, make sure that your dog gets used to the stroller before moving to the public with it. You also need to ensure that you give enough time for exercise to your dog and to play with other pets.

Mobility Harness

You will need a mobility harness for your dog when looking to gain control of the movements of your senior dog. This is for dogs of all ages, and it plays a crucial role especially when it comes to young dogs that want to move all the time.

Additionally, a mobility harness is crucial when aiding the movement of aging dogs. It helps dog owners guide their senior dogs comfortably and make sure that the dogs know where they are going without any issues.

Senior dogs find it easy to adjust to mobility harnesses compared to normal leashes. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you have a mobility harness for your senior dog.

Dog Ramps

As dogs grow old, they face a lot of health issues, with some of them losing muscles, gaining weight, or even suffering from arthritis and joint pains. These are conditions that would make it impossible for the dogs to do things that they easily did before.

For instance, you might find your senior dog having difficulties when climbing to a bed, going upstairs, or even getting to your vehicle. In such situations, you can get a dog ramp to aid in the mobility of the dog especially when these activities are needed.

If you sleep with your dog, you can invest in a bed frame with a built-in dog bed. This would make your senior dog more comfortable.

Dog ramps are also important in reducing stress since the dog knows that it can easily get to places that it used to before without any problems.

In conclusion, dogs have often been referred to as man’s best friend. We, therefore, need to make life comfortable for them even at old age.

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